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Scope of Exhibits

★ Alcohol: white wine, rice wine, craft beer, wine, spirits, sparkling wine, sake, cocktail, champagne, fruit wine;

★ Beverages: Alcoholic beverages, fruit and vegetable beverages, mineral water, leisure beverages, milk beverages, herbal teas, teas, tea beverages, brewed beverages, coffee beverages, fruit juices, organic / healthy beverages;

★ Functional drinks: sports nutrition drinks, vitamin drinks, mineral drinks, low-calorie drinks, herbal and tea drinks, natural plant protein drinks, special purpose solid drinks, carbonated drinks;

★ Yellow rice wine, cooking wine, sake

★ Rice wine and cooking wine raw material processing and processing equipment

★ Brand design and packaging Raw materials and supplies

★ Brewing technology and marketing channels and e-commerce

★ Craft beer raw materials: hops and hop products, yeast, malt, beer additives, beer chemical auxiliary materials;

★ Craft beer equipment: raw material processing equipment, saccharification equipment, fermentation equipment, filtration equipment, separation equipment, sterilization equipment, small filling equipment, home-brewed equipment, hotel bar equipment, refrigeration equipment, beer raw material delivery system, yeast expansion Systems, beer packaging systems, control and handling, inspection and testing equipment;

★ Craft beer supplies: draft beer machine, draft beer barrel, wine spear, dispenser, beer faucet, wine column, fresh barrel;

★ Craft beer technical services: chain operation, bar and restaurant supply, winery evaluation, technical consulting, suppliers, supply chain management, cold chain logistics and warehousing system, beer order system and consulting services

★ Related equipment: processing production packaging, technology and equipment; storage and logistics equipment.